_King Basils Quest


King Basil’s Quest



_Vanishing Point



Vanishing Point follows Rose, a neurologically ill patient at Meadow Hills Hospital. After her only friend Daisy disappears, she enlists the help of three doctors at the institute to track her down. To assist, the doctors construct a special bracelet that help Rose take control of her neurological illness and physically manifest it in the world in different ways. Rose discovers that the doctors are helping her to control what was once her disability and turning them into powers in ways she has never imagined.


Vanishing Point is a stealth-adventure game centered around reality-bending and empathetic, empowering narrative. Players must master their powers of forced perspective and gravity shift to solve puzzles and evade guards as they delve deep into the lonely halls of Meadow Hills Hospital.




_Howie and Yarla


Howie & Yarla is a top-down 2D action game being developed at the University of Southern California. All Howie wants is to be popular and to get people to come to his birthday party. But on the day of his 16th Birthday, he wakes up to find a demonic being named Yarla growing out of his back. Yarla wants to use Howie to summon a giant demon army and enslave the human race, which might put a bumper or two in Howie’s rise to fame.

Bite, grab, chomp, and run your way through your enemies, and save the world one angsty outburst at a time!











Inspired by “earthbending” from Avatar: The Last Airbender, ElemenTerra allows players to sculpt a planet and fill it with plant life using hand motions. As more of the surface is covered with flora, curious and beautiful animals emerge which help the player discover artifacts.