QofL-level-desing---Rainy-day_REFINEDQUIET OF THE LEAVES

Quiet of the Leaves is an introspective 2D adventure game about a father-daughter bonding trip gone awry as they become separated in the deep remote wilderness of the North American Ozarks. Their objective is to find their way back together, physically and emotionally.


“I grew up near the Ozarks in the Midwest,” says Ryan Bobell, the game director of Quiet in the Leaves, “so the setting is one that’s very important to me. I think backpacking and camping are the best ways to really learn about a person, and about yourself. Everything is bared in such situations, and it triggers really honest conversations.

“I thought a game based around this scenario would be a really interesting opportunity to explore themes that are really relevant and important to my life, and yet I don’t see them in any games made previously. For me – and several folks on my team – we found ourselves changing significantly throughout high school and growing progressively distant from our parents.

“That distance only grew more as we moved away from our parents in college, and our parents came to have a harder time seeing us as the people we had become while at school. This game is about that exact experience, and about how the people you love can grow and change in ways you can’t expect or understand, and how two people can learn to communicate more openly and honestly.”


Quiet of the Leaves needs:

  • Character/animal animators
  • Environmental artists
  • UI artists
  • Audio designers
  • SFX artists
  • Audio background artists

Contact the team by emailing QuietOfTheLeaves@gmail.com