Adrift: Lost at Sea

Adrift is a 2 - 4 player cooperative card game that focuses on bringing people together. It’s like the Oregon Trail meets a 16th Century shipwreck! The players become survivors of this shipwreck, stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the table becomes the lifeboat. Each game, as players struggle to overcome the sea’s challenges and survive the journey back home, they get a new and unique sea shanty that tells of their journey!

The story of Adrift’s development is almost as exciting as the game itself! Adrift was originally created as Sully’s emotion project for 488 -- It aimed to inspire gratitude. After two weeks of head-scratching, he decided to put his passion for boats and spanish history into a game… and out popped Adrift! While the game inspired gratitude, it did little in the way of player agency. So, when the game was then selected to be a final project, it underwent many changes, involving adding a board, and more systems to introduce more player agency! This version of the game had a lot of things that worked well, but also some flaws -- namely replayability. Over spring break, Sully and Orson decided to revamp the game once again -- taking from what worked and nyxing what didn’t -- and out of the hacking and slashing came Adrift as we know it today!


  • 01

    Balance the Boat - Players use action cards to interact with game systems, but all actions rock the boat from side to side. Players must coordinate to avoid capsizing.

  • 02

    Generate Shanties - The cards that players pull as they travel home shape their story. Players can string these cards together at the end of the game to get a unique sea shanty telling of their journey home.

  • 03

    Manage Resources - decide who eats, who drinks, help each other, make tough decisions.

  • 04

    BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL ART - Seriously, check out those photos.

  • Platforms

    Adrift: Lost at Sea is a board game with a web component for creating shanties coming soon.

  • Fun Fact

    The game is steeped in historical accuracy. During the process of development, Sully communicated with Manuel Minero of the Museo del Mar in Puerto Rico, an international expert in 16th Century Spanish maritime history. This accuracy can be found in every corner of our game -- from the names of characters, to the style of clothes they wore, and even to the way you repair your boat! The game makes this admittedly esoteric knowledge accessible to all, and immerses players in this exciting historical age of exploration!


Sully Zack

Lead Designer

Atsina Corrington

Former (488)

Orson Wu

Designer / Lead Artist

Mattie Rosen

Former (488)



Keanu Concepcion