Welcome to the AGP important links page.

Important Links for AGP:

The AGP Syllabus – for all of your Syllabus needs

Workshop Syllabus – It’s required that leads attend workshops and do assignments listed on their particular syllabus.

Presentations – Link to slides of in class presentations.

Contribution Agreement – Please print this and have everyone fill this out.

Summary and Agenda – Here’s where you’ll put talking points for your meetings with the faculty (talk about hurdles from last week and challenges for your future Sprints).

Weekly Tasks – Here’s where all the teams weekly tasks live. Make sure to put in a photo of yourself next to your name. It really helps out your teachers!

Team Information – Another equally important form to be filled out by your team.

Green Light Stuff:

Last Years Pitches    – The pitches that were accepted last year for reference.

GreenLight Workshop Folder – All the templates you need to present your Pitch.