USC Games’ Demo Day 2017 featured on Polygon!

Every year, USC Games comes together with students from across the campus to develop ADVANCED GAMES PROJECTS, or AGP. After a rigorous pitch process during the Spring Semester, wherein small teams pitch projects that are either original, or developed out of the other USC Games curriculum, our selection committee (comprised of faculty from across the campus, as well as industry veterans) chooses the 5-7 games that will advance.

Tracy Fullerton: “The games showcased at this year’s Demo Day: Class of 2017 festival are perfect examples of the creativity, skill, and artistry of video game design our students show every year. These games are a message to the video game industry and public that innovation, teamwork, and the next generation of great video game makers are here at USC Games.”

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Second Nature

From Light

A Slime In Time


Quiet of the Leaves

Smooth Criminals


The Demo Day: Class of 2017 list of games includes:

A Slime In Time: A HoloLens augmented reality (AR) game, allowing for multiple players to interact with holograms and create a battlefield out of their real living room. Send armies of slimes to conquer your opponents villages, throw fireballs to burn their hordes to a crisp, and pinch their individual slimes into nothingness. Game director: Ian Glow

Chatacylsm:  A game that pits a Twitch streamer against their audience. The Commander played by the streamer tries to protect their city from an attack by a giant monster controlled by the Twitch chat.  Game director: Chris Mooney

From Light:  2D puzzle platformer that uses photography-inspired mechanics to light-paint your own platforms and rescue your lost penpal. Exhibited at PAX 10 in 2015. Game Directors: Steven Li & Alejandro Grossman

Second Nature: Co-op only game – every aspect and interaction is designed for two players. No single person can be good at the game; it requires a cohesive team of two to be successful. Explore the lush environments of Lura, conquer obstacles as a team, and master asymmetric co-op mechanics. Game director: Aaron Cheney

Skyshot: A multiplayer sport that combines parkour movement with grappling hooks. Players swing around the arena to pursue the ball, outmaneuver opponents, and score.  Game director: Eu-Ann Liu

Smooth Criminals: Action adventure stealth game where you can switch at anytime between four characters that have completely different abilities: fighting, shootings, driving, and platforming. Steal art back from an egocentric villain’s private museum without getting caught! Game director: Kyle Vaidyanathan

The Quiet of the Leaves: An introspective 2D adventure game about a father-daughter bonding trip gone awry as they become separated in the deep remote wilderness of the North American Ozarks. Their objective is to find their way back together, physically and emotionally.  Game director: (removed on request)

Demo Day is an exhibition where students have the opportunity to premiere their newest and most innovative games from the 2016-2017 academic year. It is a collaborative effort between the School of Cinematic Arts’ Interactive Media & Games Division and the Viterbi School of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science with participating students from SCA’s Animation, Writing, MA+P, Cinema & Media Studies and Production divisions and from across the USC Campus.


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