Boast is a card based role-playing game with an emphasis on storytelling. Players take on the role of an old pirate, boasting about their past exploits. They tell tales about their legendary journeys. At the end of each round, players award the best stories with beer tokens. Cards are used to inspire player stories and encourage group interactions. The game takes only an hour to play and uses no dice or complicated guide books and is dm-less.

The project started off as Charlie’s emotion game assignment in USC’s Game Design Workshop class. The emotion for the original project were loss and longing. The pirate theme from the emotional inspiration resonated with his long standing love of all things pirate. Throughout the development process it was important to us to keep the gameplay contained to a single session. Charlie has never actually finished a rpg campaign from start to finish. For weeks and months he would meet with his friends for the annual game night only to end up never finishing the campaign. The game has been heavily distilled over play centric design methods to bring out a short, fun and highly replayable role-playing experience.


  • 01

    About an hour to setup and finish a game.

  • 02

    High replay value.

  • 03

    Everyone is the game master.

  • 04

    No dice.

  • 05

    No player guidebooks.

  • 06

    Heavy storytelling / role-playing.

  • 07

    60 Storytelling Card prompts.

  • Platforms

    Board is a card-based, tabletop RPG.


Charlie Dunlap

Lead Designer

Kai Drayton-Yee

Designer / Lead Artist



Nicholas Roush


Jeff Hsu

Designer (Prev)

Jacob "Lily" Pitts

Designer / Artist (Prev)