In this short branching narrative game, you are a bored cosmonaut who's dispiriting job is to try to train birds to fly in the microgravity of your space station. Fortunately, you have the internet to distract you. You'll fill the time between flight tests by chatting with your friends back on Earth and taking online personality quizzes. See which Wizarding House you belong in, and how that will affect your relationships and future job prospects.

Cosmonet was conceived and developed in 48 hours during the 2018 Global Game Jam by two office-mates and part-time faculty at IMGD. After the jam ended, the designers liked the game so much that they spent the rest of the month revising and polishing before releasing Cosmonet on Since then, they have done a Let's Play and Q&A session for the game on Twitch, and are currently developing a mobile port.


  • 01

    Launch birds through tubes to see if they've learned how to fly in zero-g.

  • 02

    Spend your downtime chatting with friends back on earth.

  • 03

    Find out your perfect vacation destination.

  • 04

    Several possible endings!


Martzi Campos

Designer / Producer



Sean Bouchard

Designer / Programmer



Kyle Laporte