Daddy I'm Dying

In Daddy I'm Dying you play as Danger Kitty, a cat with terminal cancer. You are experiencing the last days of your life and your father doesn't realize it yet. This is an autobiographical piece based on my 14 year old cat that died of cancer last semester. In the game you walk around, interact with the environment, and receive personal memories from me about the life I had with Danger Kitty. As days pass by you lose more and more energy.

Daddy I'm Dying was created for Experiments in Interactivity II. It was created based on the prompt of taking something deeply personal and making a commercial product out of it. It also works to satisfy an autobiographical constraint.


  • 01

    Interactive Storytelling

  • 02

    Heartwarming and heartbreaking.

  • 03

    Autobiographical and deeply personal.



Michael Ritchie Rodriguez