Double Knockout

DKO is an analog tag-team fighting game where you and a friend work together to take on another team of powerful fighters. Choose from any of eight distinct characters with wildly different playstyles, so every player will find at least one that they love. DKO’s easy-to-learn systems make it quick and easy to get into the action, and the combo system is built to make even the newest player feel like they’re at the finals of a big tournament.

DKO was originally the brainchild of a Game Design Workshop class and a team of fighting game fanatics and a competitive Injustice player. After creating the framework in the last few weeks of the semester, we continued to design and test mechanics and characters over the next few months, doubling our cast of characters from four to eight and emphasizing the goals of accessibility and replayability. We ultimately brought the project to Finishing and Polishing class for the extended opportunity to develop and prepare the game for release.
DKO’s exciting Tag-Team combat makes it easy and fun to experience high level fighting game play without spending months learning how to wave dash or block cancel.


  • 01

    2-v-2, tag-team card game combat.

  • 02

    Eight distinct characters for a myriad of combinations and strategic decisions.

  • 03

    Combo system to facilitate powerful moves.

  • 04

    Tag-in system to create strategic opportunities for coordination and planning between teammates

  • 05

    Special moves for each character, creating unique play styles and chances to excel in specific areas of play.

  • 06

    Two abilities for each character to diversify and deepen gameplay and create interesting combinations of characters that synergize.

  • 07

    A character named Meat whose powers are all meat puns.

  • Platforms

    DKO is a card game.

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Shing-Hoi Lau

Design Lead / User Experience



David Norton




Max Wolf

Narrative Design Lead / Asset Manager

Roy Niu (Prev)

Technical Lead



Napoleon Martinez