A perspective puzzle game where you control the path of simple objects viewed from multiple angles. Trompe l'oeil in 3d

There's danger in the aquarium! The reluctant aquarium staff has enlisted you - Merlin, the mighty mantis shrimp - to help find and capture your adorable and destructive twin. Find the rogue shrimp and you're guaranteed freedom from the solitary confinement of your cage.
Explore the lush environments as you punch or play your way to the guidance of your desperate escort. Follow their careful advice or throw caution to the wind as you chase a rebel shrimp across vastly different habitats that adapt to the way you play.


  • 01

    Ward off predators with the speed and strength of your strike

  • 02

    Cleverly maneuver around a shifting environment with the heat and light produced by your cavitation bubbles

  • 02

    View brilliant landscapes through the spectacular eyes of the mantis shrimp.


USC Games Students

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