Ideal Meal

Ideal Meal is a 4-player field game about making a humongous bowl of ramen. Humongous means humongous: this game takes up a full field with giant chopsticks and giant ramen ingredients. While following a wacky recipe, work with your fellow chefs to cook this giant ramen bowl!

Ideal Meal started out as a class project, and at first it had nothing to do with ramen. It was about making houses out of different combinations of shapes, and despite being a solid game none of us were passionate about it. Then, during a meeting, one of our teammates said something about making a game about picking up big dumplings with oversized chopsticks. It was a joke, but as we turned it over in our heads we realized how much we liked the concept. Thus, Ideal Meal was born. We continued refining and rebalancing the game after we turned it in for class, and decided to formally refine it through Finishing+Polishing so we could take it on a festival run and publish a limited print of the game.


  • 01

    Self-adjusted difficulty

  • 02

    Five-minute setup time

  • 03

    Scaled up handcrafted renditions of traditional ramen ingredients

  • 04

    Tossing a dumpling three feet into the air and having to catch it as a group

  • 05

    Wielding immense power with your own pair of giant chopsticks

  • Platforms

    Ideal Meal is a lawn game for your backyard or festival venue.


Kai Drayton-Yee

Designer / Artist / Material Crafter



Nicholas Rouch


Ricky Hvisch

Designer (Prev)

Brandon Ho

Designer (Prev)

Jacob "Lily" Pitts

Designer / Documentation (Prev)

Madeleine Smiley

Designer / Social Media Lead / Documentation