USC Games Publishing

“Curation is one of the most important things that players deserve these days. There’s a tremendous amount of content available for people to find, and yet it’s very difficult to find. One of the ways that … this label that we’re establishing can participate is by curating important voices, really innovative work, and putting it out there under our publishing label.”  – Tracy Fullerton, director of USC Games.


The first academic publishing label for games in the world, USC Games Publishing offers opportunities for students, academic partners, and innovative independant designers to have their non-traditional games released to the marketplace. In addition to the designer’ benefits, Publishing also allows current students the chance to work on a game that actually ships, including working QA across multiple platforms and consoles.


Its first title, Chambara, was created and developed by a team of students here at USC under the mentorship of our phenomenal faculty and brilliant alumni during its time as both an Advanced Game Project and member of the Summer Bridge Program.

This label is not just the newest offering of USC Games to provide unique educational opportunities for our students, it is an important vehicle for the distribution of games that broaden the cultural discussion of games as works of art, education and political discourse. In the same way that academic press imprints such as The MIT Press currently play a critical role in publishing important written works, so USC Games Publishing will similarly publish important works of digital interactive play.

More information can be found at: The US’ Top Game Design School Will Now Publish It’s Own Games, from Wired.

To learn more about Chambara, please watch it’s debut trailer, read about it’s release on Endgadget, or play it yourself on PS4!