Disco Bear

Collin Kelly

Platform: PC Browser Game Disco Bear is the heartfelt story of a bear being asked to dance once again. A new groove of comedy game and winner of “Best Bear of E3 2017” – this 10 minute drama explores new styles of interactive humor, and might just pull a few heartstrings along the way. Between its colorful graphics, silly reactions, wild lineup, and stock photography like it’s going out of style, Disco Bear is the dancing bear game you’ve been waiting for. Play it free on desktop browsers today! FEATURES Romance Tragedy Excessive Stock Photography Guaranteed Dancing Bears Disco Bear was a four month long class project. Under the guidance of professor Richard Lemarchand, Katie Pustolski and Brian Handy aimed to create a brand new type of interactive comedy – or at the least, polish an idea out into a bigger, more fulfilling experience. Together with the help of Bill Piyatut H, a composer met through a music and cinema school collaboration project, and Eileen Mary O’Connell, a Los Angeles comedian and consultant to the project’s humor, they created Disco Bear. What started as an interactive implementation of Collin’s Bear (the hit Youtube short on a dancing bear) with Katie’s prototype led to the foundation of this experience. Expanded over two months to become an epic following a classic movie arc of the retired and disillusioned professional, Disco Bear was finished in time for the class final and has been surpassing expectations ever since. With no funding, few resources (we spent many hours finding and photoshopping bear photos ourselves) and an intensive but effective schedule, Disco Bear is a proud creation even with its primitive graphics. The fanbase continues to grow in size and enthusiasm every day, much to the surprise of its creators! Disco Bear is now available to play for free at discobeargame.com TEAM Designers: Brian Handy & Katie Pustolski Music: Bill Piyatut H. Comedic Consultant: Eileen Mary O’Connell Production Consultant: Richard Lemarchand You can follow Disco Bear through Twitter at @discobeargame and play the game on their website at  http://discobeargame.com