10000 YEARS

Collin Kelly

Platform: Twine Game

A found poetry/ruins exploration game in which you explore hypothetical versions of nuclear waste disposal sites created to keep people out for ten thousand years.


  • Type poignant words of found poetry and explore them.
  • Watch villages grow and die.
  • Pass like a shade through the world, changing nothing, hoping that the ancient danger underground goes undisturbed.
  • Pet your cat.

This game was inspired by an article a friend shared with me (http://bit.ly/1uPFFi7) about constructing a nuclear waste disposal site such that it will be left undisturbed for 10,000 years. The article’s powerful wording took my imagination by storm and I quickly realized I had to create my idea of these locations through the medium of games.


Heather Robertson – Everything

Click here to play!