2021 College League of Legends Fall Warmup

Jason Martinez

Group Stage Result 

Begin on October 9th, the 2021 College League of Legends Fall Warmup  started. By the end of last week, the fresh results of Group Stage have been  announced. Trojan Esports has done a wonderful performance in this phase.  

For the Group Stage, all the team will be divided into two divisions, Shurima Division and Bilgewater Division, seeding by the roster’s solo queue ranking.  Trojan Esports from the University of Southern California was assigned to  Group G in Shurima Division. This phase is a best-of-one grouped round-robin  format in which each team plays each other in their group once and the top 2  teams in each Shurima Division group will advance to the playoff phase.

After seven rounds, Trojan Esports nicely won six matches and qualified for  the playoffs as expected. Noticeably, they did an outstanding job in the Group  Stage and currently stand within the Top 16 out of 226 competing teams. 

The playoffs will begin on October 23rd. At that time, the first match for  Trojan Esports will be fighting against UN T Esports at noon (PT). Let’s look  forward to their excellent performance this week!