A Slime in Time

Collin Kelly

A Slime In Time puts holographic slimes into your real world, makes you their ruler, and lets you fight another real human or an AI for dominion of your living room!

Platform: Microsoft HoloLens Game


  • Microsoft HoloLens!
  • Real Time Strategy!
  • Multiplayer!
  • Shared holograms!
  • Throw fireballs!
  • Pinch enemy slimes into nothingness!

Ian Glow – Team Lead
Josh Bollar – Lead Producer
Derek Om – Engineering Lead
Guayo Llach – Art Lead
Drew Okenfuss – Engineering + Audio Engineer
Christie Xu – Art
Adam Barnett – Composer
Mimi Tran Zambetti – Art + Marketing
Jeffrey Ye – AI Engineer
Zhaoyang Han – AI Engineer
Kevin Lei – Engineer

You can follow A Slime in Time on Twitter, and on their website at http://www.aslimeintime.com/