All’s Fair

Collin Kelly

Platform: Board Game

All’s Fair is a party card game in which two players take the role of suitors attempting to seduce the third player – the bachelor. They build and pitch dates that they feel will be effective, and then ruin the other’s date with wildly inappropriate and sometimes disturbing sabotage cards.


  • Compete with one another for the affection of one other with ridiculous, but enjoyable dates.
  • Ruin relationships and possibly friendships as you absolutely trash those dates.
  • Attempt to learn the exact dating interests of friends or strangers in a bid to best seduce them.

Someone went on a date built in All’s Fair and described the experience as “Sloppy, but pleasant.”

Created for an out-of-class, but in-school project.


Sam Celeste – Lead Designer
Ana Solimano – Executive Producer
Clerisse Cornejo – Design & Writing
Rachel Emig – Art Director
Joeyee Tan – Writing Director
Sydney Lang – Writing & Design
Kevin Ke – Art & Design