Anthem: A World of Mystery

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Bioware’s upcoming looter shooter, Anthem looks to be a fresh coat of paint for the genre. But will it have enough end game content to keep players entertained?

In the alien world of Anthem, players explore, protect, and uncover secrets with the help of their exosuits, Javelins. The Javelin suits act as a players’ class. At the moment, there are 4 unique suit types each with its own attributes and abilities. Each suit fits a different play-style. All Javelin suits have the ability to fly and are customizable. The first suit is called the Interceptor. It is the fastest out of all classes and is meant for up guerrilla warfare. Players using this suit will fly in, attack enemies, retreat, and repeat. The Ranger is a mix of all the suits. It attacks using grenades and missiles and excels at taking down strong enemies. The Colossus is the tank of the group, and as such has the most health. However this comes at a price as the suit is incapable of dodging or rolling. It uses explosives that deal a lot of splash damage, perfect when enemies are close to one another. The Storm relies on elemental abilities such as fireballs and lightning bolts. The Storm also has the ability to teleport around the battlefield.

All 4 classes feel unique and have different strengths and weaknesses. Every class has different abilities that could cause an enemy to be “primed”. When an enemy becomes primed, they glow. When primed, enemies can be “detonated” by the same player or by another teammate. The ability used to detonate varies from stunning enemies to refreshing cool-downs. The primed mechanic rewards players who work together and is an effective way of strategizing the combat system.

While similar games have lost a big portion of their player base only after a few months after release, Bioware has stated that they plan on continually supporting and adding new content to Anthem. To prevent their player base from shrinking, they plan on making all post-launch DLCs free. Anthem does not feature a season pass or loot boxes. However, players have the option to buy items to customize their weapons and javelin suits. The customization options for the javelin suits are extensive. There are various patterns, textures, and different colors that could make a suit unique.

Anthem brings along cool game mechanics and a brand new world filled with monsters to destroy. We are eager to see what Bioware will do to keep the player base alive.

Anthem comes out on Microsoft Windows, PS4, and Xbox One on February 22nd.

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