Collin Kelly

Platform: Card Game

Cat-A-Pillar! is a 3-6 player card game about building long cats out of things like dragon wings, or shark fins, or…cherry blossoms? Use your special limbs to dismember your friends’ cats, then add their limbs to your own body to become the longest (and best) cat on the table!

FEATURESCat-A-Pillar Gameplay

  • Build a really long cat out of really weird things
  • Be the best cat that you could ever hope to be
  • Dismember your friends! (Or at least, their cats) (Or at least, cats made of cards)


Cat-A-Pillar! started as the final project for IMGD’s CTIN-488, also known as the board game class. The team loved it a lot, and was given the chance to bring it to the experimental Polishing Class in spring of 2016, where it was beaten down and forged into something that they could really be proud of. The game Kickstarted successfully in July of this year, and showed at Indiecade in the Board Game section as an Indiecade Select. The team is extremely proud of how far they’ve come, and are more than happy to show it off at Winteractive this year.

Katie Yu – Art + Design
Mia Sarrio – Game Director + Design
Katie Moses – PR and Design

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