Collin Kelly

Chataclysm is a live streaming game where the commander, played by a streamer, protects their city from a giant monster controlled by their audience.

Platform: Twitch Streaming Game


  • Defend your city as the commander with real time strategy tactics
  • Or, join the crowd and control the monster with Twitch Plays Pokemon inspired chat controls
  • Stream the game live to play against a limitless number of opponents

This game was inspired by our love of Twitch, the Twitch Plays Pokemon phenomenon, and the resulting rise of stream-first games. We hope to help Twitch become a new platform for inventive and social gameplay experiences.

Chris Mooney – Creative Director
Vincent Bertoni – Assistant Director
Aditya Valvi – Lead Designer
Yohanes Shimeles – Lead Engineer
Cristian Guzman – Usability Lead
Sam Wang – Designer
Naomi Jade – Designer
Will Gauthier – Engineer, Animator
Will Kim – Engineer
Kathrine Wang – Artist
Porfirio Barrera – Artist
Will McKay – Composer
Micheal Azuma – Sound Effects
Ethan Aronson – Legal Advisor

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You can also reach out and contact the team at