Collin Kelly

Platform: PC Game

Cloud is a puzzle game developed by a team of students including the renowned game designers Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago.┬áThe team began development of Cloud in January 2005 with a $20,000 grant from USC. The game was released as a free download that October. The game has had over 6 million visits, and the game has received over 60o,000 downloads. The game centers on a boy who dreams of flying while asleep in a hospital bed. The concept was partially based on lead designer Jenova Chen’s childhood; he was often hospitalized for asthma and would daydream while alone in his room.

Assuming the role of the boy, the player flies through a dream world and manipulates clouds to solve puzzles. The game was intended to spark emotions in the player that the video game industry usually ignored. Cloud won the Best Student Philosophy award at the 2006 Slamdance Guerilla Games Competition, and a Student Showcase award at the 2006 Independent Games Festival. The game was well received by critics, who cited its visuals, music, and relaxing atmosphere as high points. Chen and producer Kellee Santiago went on to co-found the studio Thatgamecompany, which has considered remaking Cloud as a commercial video game.


  • Fly through the sky and explore a wonderous dream world!
  • Feel the touching musical score and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Play through the university project made by the designers that would become Thatgamecompany!

Xinghan “Jenova” Chen – Production, Art and Game Design
Erik Nelson – Engineering
Glenn Song – Engineering and Writing
Vincent Diamante – Writing, Music and SFX
Stephen “Erin” Dinehart – Production and Print Design
Kellee Santiago – Production, Writing and Print Design
Aaron Meyers – Engineering

Download the game, and learn more about its development on the game’s website!