Collin Kelly

duOS is a multiplayer platformer game in which you play by yourself. As the player, you control two different characters where you can record the actions of one character, and interact with the played-back actions with the other. From thought-provoking puzzles to fast-paced action – you will need to team up with yourself in order to overcome the obstacles. Inspired by a whole lot of Nintendo games.

Platform: PC Game


  • Puzzle Platformer
  • Time/Recording mechanic
  • Quirky and Comedic Story

Thomas Lu – Director, Engineer, Game Design Lead
Gregory Chen – Animation Lead, Art Lead
Julie Buchanan – Sound Designer, Composer
Katie Pustolski – Producer, Game Designer
Jung-Ho Sohn – Game Designer
Aditya Vempaty – Game Designer
Hailey Marshall – Animator, Artist
Michelle Olson – Animator, Artist
Stephanie Henderson – Narrative Writer

You can follow duOS on FacebookTwitter, and on their website at https://www.duosthegame.com/

You can also reach out and contact the team at duosthegame@gmail.com