From Light

Collin Kelly

From Light is a 2D puzzle platformer that uses photography-inspired mechanics to light-paint your own platforms and rescue your lost penpal.

Platform: PC Game


  • Freeze portions of the world with Freeze Frame
  • Draw your own platforms with Long Exposure
  • Solve challenging puzzles
  • Discover Paradise 252-B and its inhabitants

We started out in Intermediate games back in Spring 2015. Upon concluding the class we were selected as one of the PAX 10 and decided to continue development. We then got into AGP where we wanted to focus on making a highly polished demo that we’re excited to show at demo day!

Ryan Cox – Animation
Ivy Lomax – Animation
Sean McPartland – Animation
Jessica Valenzuela – Animation
Di Wu – Animation

Amy Huang – Art
Megan Maniago – Art
Elizabeth Nedashkovskaya – Art
Maura “Mo” Perlow – Art
Dean Tammachat – Art
Katie Yu – Art
Kat Gray – Art Director

Michel Wong – Design
Max Maynard – Design
Chris Toczauer – Design, Engineering
Thomas Watson – Lead Designer
McLean Goldwhite – Engineering
Will Hight – Engineering
Matt Levonian – Lead Engineer

Kevin Shi – Narrative
Lex Rhodes – Lead Narrative

Ben Young – Music
Alysha Bermudez – Sound
Ethan Zeitman – Sound

Napoleon Martinez – Usability
Andrew Maney – Web Development
Rhiannon Brogan – Voice
Michael Malconian – Voice
Jamie Sara Slovon – Voice
Katie Snyder – Voice
Edwyn Tiong – Voice

Brian Chantrupon – Production
Dan Choi – Production
Sherveen Uduwana – Production

Alejandro Grossman – Game Director
Steven Li – Game Director

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You can also reach out and contact the team at