Human Assimilation Simulator

Collin Kelly

Platform: Board Game

A 3-5 player cooperative communication game where one player must tell other players to complete a certain task. That one player is not allowed to speak or gesture, and must utilize their creativity to manipulate the given word cards in order to communicate with others.


  • Use 20 words to try to get your friends to do silly things in over 40 challenges
  • Laugh and cry at the same time at your friends’ inability to decipheryour mangled mess of messages.
  • Feel smug and smart when you somehow manage to guess your friend’s tangled web of words Watch as your friend’s eyes pop wide open as they finally understand what you’re trying to say.
  • Hi-Five your friends! Do a secret handshake! Pretend to be a dinosaur!

It was made as a final project for CTIN 488 Spring 2016.


Michel Wong – Lead
Sam Shipp – Producer, Will Guthier – Designer
Vincent Yang – Designer
Timothi Lim – Box Art Artist