Collin Kelly

INDIUSC_Logo_w_Backgrouns700 to 730 is an interactive video installation that allows the audience to create a montage within a story about solitude.

The audience is invited to enter a theatre space, with a controller in the front that   resembles a vintage radio. There is a knob that the audience can tune to alter the shot currently playing on the screen. Each audience interacts with the controller differently, thus creating a distinct montage experience unique to them. Different interpretations are encouraged.700to730Screenshot_WhiteCurtain

Art is “interactive” in a number of ways; missing details requires the user to fill in the missing information. We are asked to follow pre-programmed, objectively existing associations… but 700 to 730 asks the user to assume the mental trajectory of a new media artist.

“Through observing the world of a 7-year-old girl as she lives with her grandparents,” says Director Zekia Zhan, “I want the flow of inner speech to be activated by montage, and build toward an emotionally significant event, all through the power of visual juxtaposition.”


  • Interactive cinema experience
  • Open for different interpretations
  • Solitude as a state of existence that blurs the boundary between life and death
  • Story background is set in a small town in Northern China


THE 700 TO 730 TEAM
Zekia Zhan ZEKIA ZHAN (IMGD) – Artist & Director | ATWOOD DENG (IMGD) – Engineer | JUNG-HO SOHN (IMGD) – Engineer | Arif Khan -Producer |


More information can be found at:


[project twitter] @700to730

[artist twitter] @_z7studio