Collin Kelly

INDIUSC_Logo_w_BackgrounsFrom Game Designer AQUMA (IMGD MFA ’16), “When I hFRKN WKND 1ad to make a thesis¬†game for the IMGD MFA¬†program, I wasn’t sure what to make at first. I knew I wanted to get better at making games and that making a lot of work was the only way there. So I decided to try and make a game a week (or so) and just create many of the things I had in the back burner of my head. The goal was to craft experiences that were personal, simple, and unique. After a while, I realized that I could start sequencing these games together as a sort of mixtape that tells a larger story when played in order. Now I have a couple chapters, and I’d like to complete a couple more before releasing it.”


  • FRKN WKND 6Code and playtest a gameFRKN WKND 2
  • Navigate an angry online mob
  • Relax with some breathing exercises
  • Roll a joint
  • Get some tacos
  • Talk to your mom
  • Exploring Aquma’s cell phone!
Alejandro “Aquma” Quan-Madrid (IMGD) | Amy Huang (IMGD) | Tonia B (IMGD)
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