Collin Kelly

INDIUSC_Logo_w_BackgrounsFrom Steve Cha (IMGD MFA ’16), Revision’s Creative Director; “I developed REVISIONS as my thesis project. I wanted to create a project that showcased my sensibility, told my story, and reflected on the craft of design. The idea came to me in small bits during classes. During Visual Expressions, Bruce Block talked about limited space. This lead me to wonder, what’s behind that limited space, behind the panel? This inspired the game’s main twist: what starts as flat and 2D reveals itself as 3D.

bw-3Tracy Fullerton told me that it’s sometimes best to acknowledge a ludonarrative tension in a project. To that note, REVISIONS is essentially an internal argument about how design and narrative (don’t) work together. Writing out the Annie Hall / M. Butterfly inspired dialogue in Maureen McHugh’s class solidified for me that this is what I wanted to spend my last year creating. A game about using game design metaphors as epiphanies about real life seemed like the perfect ending to my formal education in game design.”


  • Five vignettes about growing up as Steve Cha!
  • Midgame twist; it’s actually a 3D game!
  • Go behind the scenes in 3D and learn about the game’s origin!


STEVE CHA (IMGD) – Creative Director |  XIAOLIANG SHEN (IMGD) – Producer |  BETHANY MARTIN (IMGD) – Art Director |  CHISTINA ORCUTT (IMGD) – 3D Artist|  YIWEN DAI (IMGD) – Technical Artist |  ALLISON COMRIE (IMGD) – UI Artist |  CYNTHIA CANTRELL (SCA Animation) – Animator |  DAVE YAN (IMGD) – Technical Designer |  THOMAS LU (IMGD) – Technical Designer |  JUNG-HO SOHN (IMGD) – Technical Designer |  PATRICK QUAH (IMGD) – Editor |  STEVEN PRANOTO – Composer |  JESSE MANDAPAT – Sound Director |

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