Collin Kelly

INDIUSC_Logo_w_BackgrounsThe Locker was envisioned by an unlikely pair—a maker of tactile lockerexperiences and an interactive film designer—who joined forces in a graduate production course taught by Richard Lemarchand at USC. We combined our strengths by weaving puzzle solving, physical exploration, and non-linear storytelling into a cohesive mystery-solving experience.

eyeThe Locker began life as a shoebox filled with papers and, following Lemarchand’s iterative playtesting methodology, evolved into a metal school locker filled with personal artifacts. The film sequences began as hastily drawn storyboard cartoons and blossomed into film vignettes produced with a full cast and crew.

Since its completion, The Locker has made appearances at showcases around campus. As a portable experience contained in a single locker, it just might pop up where you least expect it.


  • Snoop through the locker of a student who has recently gone missing
  • Reveal her memories using a bewitched magnifying glass
  • Solve physical puzzles and clues she left behind
Lishan AZ: Game Designer, Director, Writer (IMGD) | Chao Chen: Game Designer, Video Editor (IMGD) | Alex Heinrich: Composer (Thornton Screen Scoring) | Other Contributing Artists: Jinghui Dong, Patrick Quah (IMGD) | WRDO Film Crew: Christopher Ortega (SCA Production), Olivia Taylor-Butler (SCA Production), Jheanelle Brown (SCA Media Studies), Kelley Kali (SCA Production), Jazmine Hill (SCA Media Studies) | Cast: Alexis Snell, Gregory Kennedy, Cherita Armstrong, Robert Streit
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