Nintendo Announces New Nintendo Manual Labor

Jason Martinez

Last week at GDC, Nintendo announced the Toy-Con 3 – Manual Labor Kit for Nintendo Labo. This is the first new kit to be announced since January, and USC Games has an exclusive inside scoop.

We sat down with an inside source who told us, “Many people don’t know this, but the Nintendo Labo actually stands for Labor. We [Nintendo] think that in recent years we’ve made things too easy for kids. Back in the day, they’d have to go chop firewood or something and now all they do is play games. It’s time for kids to get with the program and contribute to society.”

We at USC Games could not agree more with this new Nintendo philosophy, and are ecstatic to show off these brand new Toy-Cons:

So, without further adieu, here are the Toy-Cons of the brand new Toy-Con 3: Manual Labor Kit:

Toy-Con Jackhammer:

Slide the Joy-Cons into place, and let this guy rip! Utilizing the Switch’s HD Rumble technology, this Toy-Con vibrates just like a real jackhammer. It’s so realistic, in fact, that one of our USC Games Editorial staff members developed carpal tunnel! Thanks Nintendo!

Toy-Con Work Gloves:

Though simple looking, the setup for the Toy-Con Work Gloves is fairly complex. But once you’ve figured it out, you can enjoy the many styles of play that the Work Gloves afford! From pulling levers to holding tools to keeping our hands warm, we at the USC Games Editorial Office never ceased to find a use for this versatile Toy-Con!

Toy-Con Shovel & Axe:

The final Toy-Con, and my personal favorite, from the Manual Labor Kit is the Shovel & Axe Dual Set. After constructing both the shovel and axe, simply slip the Switch screen into the tool you want to use. Slide the Switch screen into the shovel to dig holes, and into the axe to chop firewood. How exciting!

The Toy-Con Manual Labor Kit is expected to drop later today, April 1st, at a MSRP of $79.99.