Second Nature

Collin Kelly

Second Nature is a co-op only platformer where every aspect and interaction is designed for two players. Take up arms as Terus and Zeph, two orphaned guardians, as you conquer a blight-infested landscape to restore vitality to your home. Explore the lush environments of Lura, overcome obstacles as a team, and master asymmetric co-op mechanics to reclaim your homeland.

For a truly cooperative experience, look no further than Second Nature. It’s perfect for close friends and complete strangers alike. Form an unstoppable duo as you traverse the beautiful alien landscapes of Lura.

Platform: PC Game


  • Asymmetric cooperative mechanics
  • Truly cooperative gameplay and level design
  • Beautiful 2.5D landscape with Tundra and Forest environments
  • Challenging platforming and enemy combat
  • Controling the balance between speed and turning leaves space for hardcore players to master.

We built Second Nature because of our love for co-op games and beautiful platformers. Some of our favorite childhood memories can be traced back to games we played with friends and siblings in the classic couch co-op setting. Second Nature is our fresh take on the cooperative platformer with a singular focus on designing every experience for two players. After finding its roots in the Intermediate Games class at USC, Second Nature has become a labor of love for its dedicated developers.

Aaron Cheney – Game Director, Lead Engineer
Zoe Serbin – Lead Artist
Will Anderson – Lead Designer
Sabrina Yam – Lead Narrative
Lori Fu – Lead Usability
Drew Welch – Lead Producer
Isumi Lan – Lead Usability

Aharonit Elior – Artist
Boris Yu – Artist
Daniela Rodriguez – Artist
Jennifer Smart – Artist
Josefina Dickinson – Artist
Rebecca Genin – Artist
Yotty Kim – Artist

Charlie Fu – Engineer
Cynthia Zhang – Engineer
Sam Sintz – Engineer
Shin Kang – Engineer

Aadit Doshi – Designer
Alex Stewart – Designer
Nathan Lim – Designer

Eric Pratt – Sound Effects
Jonathan Bodian – Composer
Logan Nelson – Composer
Thomas Keller – Sound Effects
Tiffany Tarampi – Composer

Geoff Wong – Narrative
Matthew Shin – Producer
Rachel Emig – Producer

Eddie Mestre – QA
Eva Wierzbicki – QA
Michelle Pina – QA

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