Collin Kelly

Platform: PC Game

Sing is a 2D puzzle platformer that uses the player’s voice to affect the game world. The game explores the question of why we have music by presenting the many aspects and influences of music in a unique fashion. It is a game like no other.


  • Any noise you make is analyzed for its pitch. The game world responds to, and changes with, your pitch.
    • Colors change, platforms move, stop moving, disappear, reappear, etc.
  • You rescue characters, that each respond to your voice in different ways, from Silence, and then sing freely with them in celebration.

In order to play you need headphones, a microphone, and a voice.

We began making making this game over the summer, which involved doing research on music theory, emotion, and the brain, and then experimenting with various gameplay ideas that evolved naturally from what we had learned. We are now continuing to develop this game in the Intermediate Game Workshop course. We are making this game to provoke the player to explore the role of music in regards to themselves and the human condition. We consistently ask ourselves, “Why should this be in our game? What purpose does it serve in furthering our argument and how can we express that to the player?”


Thomas Wilson – Designer and Engineer
Rama Gosula – Designer and Engineer
Aaron Spieldenner – Sound Designer

Click here to download a playable build!