Sky Command

Collin Kelly

Platform: PC Game

An asymmetric multiplayer team-based competitive action game where you cooperatively pilot an airship and attempt to destroy enemy airships.


  • Networked team-based cooperative multiplayer that supports 4, 6, or 8 players
  • Each airship team consists of two players, a navigator and a gunner
  • The navigator steers the airship with information about the overall map but limited information about the immediate surroundings
  • The gunner shoots at enemy airships from a number of gun placements on the ship, but lacks strategic information about the location of enemy airships across the map
  • Partial VR support, allowing one person in each team to play using an Oculus or Vive headset

This game was a project in CTIN 484 Intermediate in Spring 2016. We wanted to make a competitive multiplayer game that had a hidden-information aspect. We also wanted to make a VR-compatible game. Sky Command succeeded at all of these tenets, creating a cooperative/competitive experience that imposes an atmosphere of frantic communication between teammates.


  • Kat Gray – Artist/Co-designer
  • Matt Levonian – Programmer/Co-designer

Download a playable build here!