Collin Kelly

Skyshot is a ball-and-hoop sport where players use grappling hooks to swing across the stadium, steal the ball, and score in a 3v3 first-person game.

Platform: PC Game


  • Networked Multiplayer
  • Steam Support
  • Grappling Hook Mechanics
  • Parkour Movement
  • Ball-Steal Assist
  • Ball-Passing Assist
  • Lobby and Team Selection

The mechanics of the game was originally designed and programmed by Aaron Hong, Nathan Iskandar, and Kyle San during one of the core classes for Computer Science (Games). Friends of the engineers gathered together and developed a pitch for Skyshot, which will take the mechanics and player experience and transform them into a new digital sport.

Eu-Ann Liu – Game Director

Izzy Benavente – Lead Producer, UI, Social Media
Zach Chaco – Producer, Social Media

Charles Hankins III – Lead Designer
Richard Chen – Designer, 2D Artist, UI
Valerie Lin – Designer

Albert Yue – Lead Engineer
Wenfei Cao – Engineer
Aaron Hong – Engineer, UI
Nathan Iskandar – Engineer
Kyle San – Engineer
Steven Truong – Engineer, UI

Devin Li – Lead Usability
Audrey Cheng – Usability

Jasmine Ying – Lead Art
Caroline Chiou – 2D Artist
Iisha Huff – 3D Artist
Migeul Ocana – 3D Artist
Enrique Silva – 3D Artist

Thomas Kelleher – Lead Audio
Davis Natzle – Music, SFX, Audio
Graham Southern – Music, SFX

You can follow Skyshot on Facebook, Twitter and on their website at

You can also reach out and contact the team at