Smooth Criminals

Collin Kelly

Smooth Criminals is a 3D action adventure game where you play as a team of 4 art thieves and steal from the clutches of the narcissist Count Egor von Vile.

Platform: PC Game


  • Switch at anytime between 4 characters with different skills: Fighting, Shooting, Driving, and Platforming
  • Disable security systems and sneak past guards.
  • Steal paintings and escape!

Made in the USC Advanced Games Project class using Unreal 4 engine.

Kyle Vaidyanathan – Game Director
Robyn To – Lead Producer
Aditya Radhakrishna – Lead Engineer
Aditya Sareen – Lead Designer
Stephen Jensen – Audio Director
Hunter Patton – Lead Usability
Ted Park – Art Director
Ashley Yu-Chih – 3D Art Lead
Tristan Bridge – Lead Narrative, Designer

Robin Park – Assistant Producer
Nathan Chau – Audio Engineer
Matias Franco – General Engineer
Jason Ulloa – Usability Assistant/Engineer
Esty Bharier – Narrative/Dialogue Writer
Jason Xu – Designer

Brady Thomas – 3D Environment/Character Artist
Lindsay Wood – 3D Character Artist
Vasudha Goel – 3D Environment Artist
Cory Carrilio – 3D Environment Artist
Weston Mitchell – 3D Environment Artist
Alex Luu – Character Concept Artist
Marcus Emery – 2D Animator
Chan ha Kim – 2D Artist/Animator
Kaley Cho – 2D Artist/Animator

Kenny Regan – Composer
Adam Barnett – Composer
Jano Manzali – Composer

Molly Chiffer – Voice Actor, “The Hands”
Brooke Lewis – Voice Actor, “The Feet”
Jonathan Von Mering – Voice Actor, “The Eyes”
Zachary Roozen – Voice Actor, “The Tail”
Jonathan Von Mering – Voice Actor, “Egor von Vile”
Harrison Poe – Voice Actor, “Guard Dog”

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