Spellbound: The Wizardly Word Game

Collin Kelly

Platform: Card Game

Spellbound is a challenging, multiplayer word game, where you and your friends are wizards. Wizards who partied a little too hard last night. Now you’re hungover and cursed. Really cursed. The curses can be broken by saying certain magic words, but your hungover and cursed brains have a very limited vocabulary. Work together to break as many curses as possible, and avoid the mockery of the wizarding world!


  • Grappling with vocabulary
  • Humourous communication
  • Drunk and cursed wizards

Spellbound requires a timer, a sorted set of letter tiles, along with our deck of magic word cards. We’d be happy to set up a game for you, and can be reached at donlon@usc.edu and perlow@usc.edu.

Spellbound’s origins lie in the affordance project for CTIN 488. We had such a blast making and playing Spellbound that we’ve been planning on revisiting the project.


Brenden Donlon
Rama Gosula
Maura Perlow
Gunnar Washington