Collin Kelly

Platform: PC Game

SUNDOWN is a top-down multiplayer stealth game where all the maps are covered in darkness, and every player shares the same view of the screen. Use the darkness to sneak up on your friends and shoot them. But be careful; shooting will light you up and reveal yourself to everyone!


  • Unique stealth mechanic
  • 6 Weapons that favor different playstyles
  • 3 Zones with unique mechanics
  • 12 Map variations
  • 4 Distinct player characters
  • 5 Game types
  • Numerous game variants
  • Dynamic Soundtrack

SUNDOWN won BAFTA’s Ones to Watch and US Imagine Cup Nationals and has been shown at SXSW and WTFox.

The game was made for the 2015 Dare to be Digital competition. At the end of the competition, it was nominated for the Ones to Watch BAFTA award and later won the award in the Spring of 2016.


Teddy Park – Artist / Designer
Cynthia Cantrell – Artist
McLean Goldwhite – Programmer / Artist
Aaron Hong – Programmer / Designer
Gracie May – Artist
Jade Park – Sound Designer
Kenny Regan – Composer
Steven Li – Programmer / Designer
Devin Li – Usability

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