USC Games Director Tracy Fullerton named LA Magazine’s “Woman of the Year”

Collin Kelly

Honored as LA Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Woman of the Year, Director Fullerton used her time in the spotlight to highlight and underline the importance of creating a space where the best voices in the medium can thrive. While the magazine is on stands now, Fullerton is quoted as saying, “The way that you grow a medium is by building communities of makers who can support each other… One of the most important things about the community at USC is how welcoming it is to people who may not have envisioned themselves as game designers early on in their lives.”

Director Fullerton then goes on to state that, “[to create a vibrant culture] you have to actually think about all of the people who are working in a community and continue to build a place where they can do their best work.”

Keep your eyes on this space for news about Director Fullerton’s upcoming game Walden, which explores the famous experiment and philosophical practices of the writer Henry David’s Throeau, and his titular work.