We’re looking for collaborators! Come work with us.

Collin Kelly

At USC Games, our team is at the heart of the LA Games community. We are active participants who work to showcase “the best of USC” to industry, media, alumni, and partners, provide better opportunities for current students and alumni, and develop educational programs to encourage growth and change.

Are you interested in making USC Games a better program for Prospectives, Current Students, Alumni and External Partners?

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USC Games is looking for dynamic, highly motivated individuals who are passionate about improving the quality of life for USC Games students and improving industry and alumni relations. You will join a dynamic and fast-paced environment and you will generate content strategies that will grow the USC Games brand reputation within the industry and the LA Games community to improve student experience and drive growth of the program.


What kind of content are we producing and what level of quality is it? The highest possible! This is about showing off what USC Games students can do and what the brand represents!

We are looking for:
Graphic Designers – posters, logos, video art and more! If you’ve got skills to flex graphically, we want you to help us to create key art that will show off our school’s talent to external partners!

Video Editors – helping us cut videos, put them to gameplay, and adding overlays to make them really shine. This will help produce content that really shows how much we engage with our industry and frame our student’s stories!

Videographers – We need people who know how to set up shots, keep good lighting, and work independently! These people will help us when covering events, running interviews and more!

Games Journalist – help us to cover what’s going on in the community and the industry!

Voice Artists – be the voice of USC Games and be featured on our various video channels!

On-screen Hosts – be the face of USC Games and appear on screen during event coverage and more! Read more here:

Streaming Personalities – appear on our growing HLS platforms and help to engage with community! Read more here:

Other? – think you have something to offer USC Games that we aren’t working on or prioritizing? Let us know! We always want to grow and we certainly want individuals to help us with special projects of all sorts!

What are the potential benefits for you?

  • Cover industry events and help cross-promote with various organizers!
  • Develop original content that highlights the work of your community and peers!
  • Create meaningful industry and alumni contacts to bolster the USC Games program!
  • Work directly in marketing/brand strategy in a unique games-related opportunity at USC!
  • Make new friends as a part of a meaningful team (that enjoys KBBQ a LOT)!

If you are interested in any of these position, please apply at: bit.ly/EditorialInterest

Other meaningful content examples: