WideAwake is a beat-matching, action-runner game, for mobile, that empowers the player to adventure through an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) inspired world. Harness the energy of electronic music from your favorite artists to overcome shadowy dubstep monsters and grow your character, your festival and your world with every trip to the Electric Pantheon. WideAwake Trailer WideAwake Website


 Chambara elegantly reinvents hide-and-seek in a world of two colors. Players, each a single color, disguise themselves against like-colored areas, and unleash surprise attacks on each other in exciting first-person, split-screen combat. The result is the exhilarating tension of seeking while staying hidden, and the catharsis of revelation and pursuit.

Adelie and the Obelisk

Adelie and the Obelisk is a 2.5d “Penguin Platformer” that challenges the player to swim, slide and sprint their way through a primitive wilderness overtaken by the predatory scourge of night. Channeling an ancient magic, our unlikely hero must combat the fantastic creatures that threaten his homeworld on his journey to restore the corrupted temples of light. Learn more on their website!

Gear Frontier

Gear Frontier is extreme sports inspired combat racing where collectible, customizable cars roar to life. BUILD AND BATTLE For the first time ever, Gear Frontier let’s build your own toy car, then drive your creation in the game. Every part changes the way you play. With over 11,000 different part combinations, what kinds of cars will you create? SQUAD-BASED COMBAT RACING Team up with your friends to battle the world when your car roars to life in online multiplayer. Battle your way to victory in the Gear Frontier World Championship, and become the best driver on the planet. Gear Frontier Website  


I.C.U. is an experimental first person horror game in which the player must survive a dystopian TV show that thrives on broadcasting the death of their contestants. In I.C.U. your audience decides your fate as the player’s Twitch chat can vote for events that’ll affect the player’s experience in real-time. Performance is key in I.C.U. as a 3D depth camera will track the player’s face as they’re playing. Each time they blink or look away from the action, events ingame will trigger to entertain the eager crowd!