TILTOFF: A Game of Balance

TILTOFF is based on the spiritual belief of balance and flow of movement inspired by Tai Chi. Though the game seems like a simple arcade game on the surface, it is this simple mechanic that allows the player to easily dive deep into the core of the experience - one that seeks to improve the spiritual balance of the player. TILTOFF: A Game of Balance won the Mobile/Web Game of the Year Award at the 2017 Autodesk's The Rookies International Competition.

Was created to help this developer cope with stress and manage their spiritual balance during a chaotic midterm season in 2017. It was an idea everyone saw as "fun" but "pointless" but they didn't understand just how out of balance one's spirit and worldview can get when stress overcomes your every day life. As such, I made this game to illustrate that fact. Every time your ball falls off the platform, it really only falls off because you pushed too much to the edge, perhaps due to the stress of the game dropping items onto you or through your own fear/overcompensation. The secret to this game and to life is to keep moving in small circles, thereby always resetting your state down to your self-constructed purpose or in the case of the game, the origin of the ball in the center of the play area.


  • 01

    Balance your ball (colored red if player one, blue if player two) on the yellow platform using the WASD / arrow keys (I/J/K/L if player two) to gain points.

  • 02

    Objects will spawn periodically to throw the yellow platform off-balance so use the weight of your ball to offset the impact of the falling objects by moving around the platform to stabilise it.

  • 03

    Sometimes a bonus gem will spawn and grant you more points but this comes with the high risk of falling off.

  • 04

    At any point during the gameplay, you can press SPACE to activate your global special skill (which can be chosen in the main menu). If used wisely, your special skill can help you stay on the platform longer.

  • 05

    You can also play this game as a local co-op multiplayer which provides a much tougher challenge as you will have to coordinate with a partner.



Timothi Ellim