Tiny Trees

Tiny Trees is a competitive tree-building board game where the players are nature spirits vying to become the next Demigod of Trees. The trees that you build grow out of your table and branch into the third dimension by slotting hexagonal cards together. Whether you want to create something beautiful or try to maximize the strategy, you’ll be creating something that you can be proud of from the moment you open the box.

This game started as Michael’s emotion project for CTIN 488 Game Design Workshop and was designed to make the players feel stressed. Inspired by bored Dungeons and Dragons players stacking dice, the palpable tension that they felt when they got to the last dice on top spawned a game where players had to stack Jenga blocks to grow “trees” of a certain height. Players enjoyed the creativity and personalization they could have while growing their trees and Michael wanted to maintain that feeling when it came to the final. The team couldn’t find readily producible wooden blocks so the game underwent many changes. Michael still wanted the game to be about nature and took inspiration from growing bonsai trees. The solution then was to use hexagonal cards and slot them together to still get the sense of building. When making prototypes, Michael cut out over 200 of these hexagons and continued to iterate and improve on our prototypes.


  • 01

    Grow trees that branch into the third dimension and straight out of your table.

  • 02

    Supports both competitive and casual play for 2-4 players

  • 03

    Over four quadrillion possible trees can be grown.

  • 04

    Hand-illustrated artwork for all assets.

  • 05

    32 unique combinations of blessings that alter how the game is played.


Michael Perce

Lead Designer

Keanu Concepcion




Joanna Yu

Co-Designer / Lead Artist



Simon Chan

Assistant Designer (Prev)