Ultra Dance Murder

Ultra Dance Murder is a fast paced twin stick arcade shoot em' up hybrid with a heart pounding synthwave soundtrack, glitch art aesthetic, dance inspired combat, and local multiplayer gameplay that either builds or destroys friendships.

I started the game in December 2014 as a small homage to my favorite twin stick & bullet hell games; I was a sophomore in high school at the time, and I found my partner (musician) James Hall online on the Hotline Miami 2 Steam forums. We were two strangers on the internet who had never met in real life and had quite the age gap, yet we both shared the same vision. James' music started to influence the design of the game and I displayed a very early conceptual build at Colorado Clutch Con, a competitive gaming convention, and received positive feedback there. Therefore, development continued! August 2015 I put Ultra Dance Murder on Steam Greenlight. However, it wasn't until October 2016 that the game was greenlit, during this greenlight limbo the game wen't through an identity crisis to find it's own voice and then went on hiatus. Not until recently in finishing & polishing am I finally setting out to finish that love letter to the shoot em' up genre and am ready to share it.


  • 01

    Dance inspired combat - Clear entire levels without shooting a single bullet by waltzing around bullets and through your enemies in chains that can only be choreographed through trial and error.

  • 02

    Original Soundtrack by Three Chain Links - 18 Synthwave tracks that will accentuate your highest highs and pick you back up from your lowest lows.

  • 03

    Singleplayer Time Trial - Outsmart or out-react your adaptive enemies to beat your fastest time in a campaign with 6 hard as nails levels that allow you to play your own way.

  • 04

    Local Co-op - Bullet hell isn't such a bad place when you have a friend. Sit back, relax, and unwind by shooting yourself through meditative waves and beautiful patterns of enemies. A great mixture of both randomized and hand made content that'll have you playing for hours.

  • 05

    Local Dynamic Split Screen Deathmatch - Over 10 diverse maps for you and your friend to quickly compete square to square in quick high energy battles of reflexes and precision.


Steven Harmon




Keanu Concepcion




James Hall (Three Chain Links)