FAQ about USC Games Expo 2020 Submissions

Where do I go to submit my game?
Here! bit.ly/uscgamesexpo

When is the submission deadline?
January 31st, 2020 Deadline Extended to February 15th, 2020!

Am I allowed to show?
Yup!  If you’re asking yourself “am I allowed to show,” then know that “yes, you are allowed to show.”  The Expo is very liberal with who can participate, but the focus is:

  • All USC students, across all schools, including IMGD, Viterbi/TAFKA Gamepipe, Annenberg, Marshall, etc.
  • Current students – graduate and undergrad, if you’ve worked on an interactive game/project (digital or physical), it’s allowed!  If you worked on a game outside of class on your own, it can be submitted!
  • Alumni (either indie or working at a studio – if you’re on staff/in the credits and want to show what you worked on, totally allowed!)
  • Faculty
  • Strategic partners – if we’ve worked with you or talked with you about partnering up but want to make sure it’s allowed, please send a note to USCInteractive@cinema.usc.edu!

Who should show?
Anyone who wants to show off their work to an audience, which will include industry, hiring managers, press, investors, alumni, and a broad swath of the USC family!

What types of games/projects?
If it’s a “game,” any type:  digital (console, PC, VR, mobile, etc.), physical (card, yard, board, or other), and everything in between. If you have a cool digital or physical interactive project that isn’t a “game,” that works too, just please submit so we can review!

What’s the submission criteria?
Mainly making sure it can be played i.e. either is or will be functional

When is it?
The event will be held on May 8th, and run for most of the day (hard start-end times are coming soon, but expect it to run from around 2pm-9pm or so).

Where will it be held?
It will be the entire ground floor of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, specifically here.

What do I need to bring?
We can figure that out, but we have TVs for display, tables, table covers, and will set you up with table tents.  You are also able to distribute promotional materials at your table (with prior approval)

I don’t have a game to show, but I want to help; how can I volunteer?
Please send any volunteer requests to volunteer to USCInteractive@cinema.usc.edu and we’ll get back to you; please note, if you’re a student, move out day for on-campus housing IS THAT DAY (5/8), so please make arrangements for housing if you’re going to volunteer!

I have a game, but it’s not that good and I don’t wanna show it…
Stop it.  Just: stop. Games are like any art form:  get it in front of people and see what they think – “Perfection is the enemy of the good.”  Submit, Show, Succeed! You’re a BOSS, you ROCK, and you’ll be AWESOME!  Also:  this submission doesn’t mean you have to have a game that’s finished and polished NOW, just that it’ll be ready to show by the deadline date.

How are you so awesome?
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!  And now we gotta go!

WAIT!  I have more questions!
GREAT!  We LOVE questions!  Just send them to main department email, and we’ll get you answers:  USCInteractive@cinema.usc.edu!