term: fall | date: 11th October, 2021


Last week the schedule of classes was released for the Fall, and we encourage all students to take a look! You will find many of our exciting classes in CTIN and CSCI, as well as additional courses in ITP. Course registration will begin for Graduate Students on 10/27, and Seniors on 10/27. Everyone else should consult their OASIS, where they will find their registration appointment, which is the first chance you’ll have to register.

If you’re are an IMGD student, please look for an email directly from Collin regarding advisement. If you are not, we will still have three ways to support you:
1)    Next week, the newsletter will feature a nice long video walkthrough of all of our courses – that will be a great overview of what USC Games will be offering.
2)    Starting NOVEMBER 1st, Collin will be hosting daily OPEN ADVISING, where anyone can show up to get their questions answered.
3)    Email Collin directly at ckelly@cinema.usc.edu. He will be slow to respond, but will certainly reply.

The form is NOW OPEN
D-clearances for all CTIN Courses, Games WRIT courses and CTAN 480 (Advanced Rigging for Games) will start to be granted on 10/18 for Graduate Students, 10/25 for Undergraduate Majors, and 11/4 for Non-majors.

In addition to the listed classes, there will be three more to consider (please note: none of these are the names of the actual classes, just what we are currently calling them)

INTRODUCTION TO STORYTELLING with Danny Bilson  (2 units) – an exploration of the basic concepts of storytelling, writing and narrative design.
ADVANCED USER INTERFACE DESIGN with Chevon Hicks (2 units) – CTIN 401, User Interface Design will be a prerequisite.
ADVANCED BUSINESS FOR GAMES with Ed Zobrist (Head of Publishing, Epic Games) (2 units) – being an advanced look at how one specifically navigates the complicated world of being a AAA game publisher.

Join us for a celebration of the launch of the Richard Lemarchand’s MIT Press book, “A Playful Production Process: For Game Designers (and Everyone)”. Hosted by Gordon Bellamy, Richard will give a short talk about the book, and will answer questions from the audience. We look forward to seeing you there!

Questions are being collected for Richard to answer during the event. You can submit them here, and a moderator will ask the question on your behalf.


Wednesday, October 13th, 11:00AM – 12:50PM

Curious about hosting, production, social media strategizing, and brand development in the gaming industry? Hear firsthand from USC Alum Sydnee “sydsogood” Goodman as she details her experiences converging at the intersection between pop culture, lifestyle, fashion, & gaming. As the previous Host/Producer/Writer for IGN’s Snap and IGTV series the Daily Fix, along with experience from Buzzfeed and Red Bull eSports, Sydnee has a wide variety of marketing and content creation expertise. Now Sydnee is a creator on Twitch, running an international apparel line, and nurturing a following of over 10,000+ across various social media platforms as one of the most prolific faces in gaming. Please help us welcome her this week in CTIN-487 @ SCI 106!

*Face masks and a valid Trojan Check are required for attendance to all USC classes and events.

Tuesday, October 14th, 5:00PM

This tournament is open to anyone who has a valid Nintendo online membership and owns Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Registration opens September 4th and games begin on October 14th!

Registration closes on October 14th and 10:00AM

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