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Baseline Requirements:

  1. Legend cardback
  2. Rank 4 or above in Standard Mode current season
  3. 800 or more total ladder wins

Team Formations:

  1. 3 Players per team
  2. 5 teams maximum—15 players maximum
  3. One team already in place (Eric Yu, Jason Jiang, John Ramsey), who will also act as judges
  • This team won the western region twice in Tespa therefore remains qualified
  1. One of the 5 teams will become the “main team” for all resources and certain tournaments for which USC can only send one team to

** All matches mentioned below will be played via the new competitive format announced by Blizzard on Feb.19th, 2019—stay aware of future announcements around that date!

Stage 1: Player Selection

  1. 2 – 3 weeks
  2. Each applicant will play a match against one of the judges
  3. The other two judges will observe the applicant throughout the match including lineup construction, and the applicant will need to vocally explain each decision to the judges and will be required to answer any questions the judges will present
  4. After the match, the two observing judges will grade the applicant based on our rubric
  5. After all applicants have completed their matches, the top 12 will be admitted to the full roster

Stage 2: Team Formation

  1. 1 week
  2. All players on the roster will be pulled together into one discord group (download and make an account for discord if you do not already possess one) and all contact/preference information of each player will be released to all players
  3. All players can discuss and freely form teams of 3s that will play as a team for as long as they remain on the roster
  4. If there are teams unformed by the deadline, managers will assign teams based on what they see fit according to information gathered from tryout sessions

Stage 3: Main Team Selection

  1. 1 week
  2. Standard collegiate team-style matches
  3. All teams need to submit decklists by the deadline and must play with the same decklists all week
  4. Each team will play every other team once (4 matches total per team) using the decklists submitted
  5. Top 2 teams decided by points from the previous matches calculated from HCT Swiss round point standards will play one final match to decide the main/priority team of Hearthstone Varsity roster

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