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Minimum Requirements

  • Commitment to 2 scrim blocks (2 x 2 hours) and tournament matches (1-3 x 90 minutes) per week


  • Minimum SR:

○ A Roster: 3700 (Final roster will ideally be 4100+ average)

○ B Roster: 3300 (Final roster will ideally be 3700+ average)

  • Roster Size

○ 6 players per roster with 2-3 substitutes MAX

○ If allowed per tournament rules, A roster substitutes will be designated as two-way players, holding a starting position on the B roster

○ Total yield of 14-17 players

  • Applicants can try out for 6 positions:

○ Heroes outside of parentheses are preferred, heroes inside of parenthesis and those not listed are beneficial for hero pool

○ Hitscan DPS

■ Widowmaker, Ashe, McCree, Soldier, (Tracer, Hanzo)

○ Flex DPS / Projectile DPS

■ Genji, Pharah, Hanzo, (Tracer, Mei, Torbjörn)

○ Main Tank

■ Reinhardt, Winston, Orisa, (Wrecking Ball)

○ Offtank

■, Zarya, Roadhog, (DPS)

○ Main Support

■ Lucio, Mercy, Ana, Brigitte, (Zenyatta)

○ Flex Support

■ Zenyatta, Ana, (DPS / Off Tank)

Stage One: Tryout Period (2–3 weeks)

  • Each applicant is assigned one scrim block (90–120 minutes) to play alongside the existing roster

○ 1–3 players will put in position of an existing player (only use 2–3 if necessitated by high volume of applicants)

  • Leadership team will observe (detailed in section 2, Rubric):

○ Game comprehension / game sense

○ Communication (shotcalling, ult tracking, listening)

○ Overall integration with other players (especially for important duo, e.g main tank with off tank, support with other support, DPS with main tank)

○ Individual Mechanics

○ Ability to identify mistakes

  • After the scrim block, the applicant(s) and players will participate in a post scrim discussion to evaluate what went well and what went poorly during the scrim (applicant will be observed on ability to realize mistakes and areas for growth)
  • The leadership team will use their discretion to move the applicant on to further scrim blocks

Stage Two: Interview Period (1 week)

  • Leadership team will sit down with each applicant for a short, casual interview to learn more about the applicants (can happen via Discord or in person)
  • During this interview, the applicants will be notified of the duties they will receive as a player if given the opportunity to be on the team

Final Selection

  • Based on the applicants’ performances, the leadership team will decide which applicants should be selected for the final team

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