As the world’s largest single-school games showcase, USC Games Expo provides USC students, alumni, and faculty the opportunity to showcase their unique projects. Presented by Jam City, USC Games Expo 2019 not only featured innovative endeavors into console and PC gaming, but also VR and board gaming. In addition to demoing games from all across campus, attendees of the exhibition could watch the USC esports team face off against UCLA, win prizes, and enjoy free food.

Outer Wilds
Outer Wilds is an open world space exploration indie video game laced with puzzles and mystery stories, that began as a thesis project in USC’s game program. The player is thrown into a daunting, chaotic world with only 22 minutes before the sun goes supernova and destroys all life. The player must navigate the unknown planet and unlock vital clues within each 22 minute interval.

“A narrative adventure without combat or standard game progression… “Outer Wilds” instead puts the emphasis solely on accruing knowledge.” – LA Times

“Thus, there aren’t typical brain teasers. The game is designed to inspire inquisitiveness. Why, for instance, does a moon keep jumping from space to space? Maybe there was a rock in the home planet’s museum that behaved similarly? Maybe they’re connected?” – LA Times

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Unity + USC Games Unlocked

Unity and USC Games teamed up to create a course that teaches aspiring game developers how to design and publish their own original games. Through a series of creative projects and insights from current game developers, students will learn to think like industry experts and solve unique problems themselves.

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