Where Cards Fall

Where Cards Fall is a dreamlike journey through youthful uncertainty. In this coming of age story, you'll build houses of cards to form and shape the world around you. The houses help you move through imaginative puzzles and bring vivid memories of adolescence to life. At its core, Where Cards Fall explores how our most fragile memories of the past can become the strongest foundations of our future.

My first idea for Where Cards Fall came while listening to Radiohead in my freshman dorm at USC. I was enamored with their song House of Cards, which sounds like a gentle plea to knock down a structure in favor of something new. Throughout my time at USC, I experimented with different rulesets to convey how people behave at turning points in their lives. My favorite concept, then titled "House of Cards," was selected for the Advanced Games class. I recruited a team to work on the game during my senior year, and together we searched for a more elegant, cohesive set of mechanics. While it felt frustrating and aimless at times, we ended up with a solid foundation. We left USC with a mechanically interesting game that hinted at its theme, but didn't have time to pursue the larger ideas about how the mechanics and theme intertwine. We refined the game in our spare time while working in the industry, and eventually found the perfect partner in Snowman to help us reach the finish line.
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  • 01

    Build and collapse houses of cards to piece together memories of adolescence.

  • 02

    Solve dozens of unique spatial puzzles anchored by a strikingly original set of interactions.

  • 03

    Unravel a contemplative coming age story in a dreamlike world.


Sam Rosenthal

Creative Director



Ivona Edry




Cedric Adams


Kristi Knupp

Sound Designer



Torin Borrowdale

Sound Designer / Snowman

Eli Cymet

Marketing & Production Support

Andrew Schimmel

QA Support

Brandon Sorg

Technical Director

Corey Davis

Lead 3D Artist



Joel Clark

Gameplay / Tools Engineer



Matthieu Osertag

Technical Artist

Ryan Cash

Executive Producer

Jason Medeiros

Design Support

Joshua Harvey

Art Director

Alexandra Quinby

3D Artist



Michael Highland

Technical Designer

Pete McDonald

Concept Artist

Jordan Rosenberg

Marketing & Production Support

Harry Nesbitt

Design Support