USC Games Community Statement
The University of Southern California has been named the number one game design school in North America by the Princeton Review for its graduate program.
thatgamecompany wins big at DICE
Collegeology launches Mission Admission
Richard LeMarchand joins the faculty at USC.

Recognized as the #1 game design program in North America by the Princeton Review and GamePro Magazine, USC Games represents an exciting collaboration between the School of Cinematic Arts' Interactive Media & Games Division and the Viterbi School of Engineering's Department of Computer Science. Incorporating elements of design, artistry and engineering, USC Games offers an utterly unique educational experience for students, and serves as the launching pad for them to play significant roles in the game design field. With rigorous, hands-on instruction from master designers, engineers and working professionals in the industry, students have an unprecedented level of opportunity to delve into every aspect of creating games for a global audience.

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_degrees offered


B.A. in Interactive Entertainment
The Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Entertainment combines a broad liberal arts background with specialization in the design of games and interactive entertainment. Students make games at all levels of the program gaining hands-on skills across a range of digital media arts. Hands-on skills are taught within a vibrant community of thought that explores new models of interactivity as well as emerging markets and platforms for playful media. Emphasis is placed on collaboration, teambuilding, innovation and creative leadership.

M.F.A. in Interactive Media
The M.F.A. in Interactive Media is an intensive three-year program designed to prepare students to become creative thought leaders and innovators in the evolving fields of games and interactive entertainment. As with the undergraduate degree, M.F.A. students are immersed in hands-on project development, gaining skills in design, development, collaboration and creative leadership, culminating in a year long thesis project.

The M.F.A. program draws on the strengths of the School of Cinematic Arts, including Game Design, Animation, Sound Production, Screenwriting, Producing and Critical Studies, bringing these resources together in a vibrant community of innovative digital media practice.

B.S. in Computer Science (Games)
The goal of the B.S. in Computer Science (Games) program is to graduate students with a solid grounding in computer science and a cross-disciplinary background in game development.

M.S. in Computer Science with Specialization in Game Development
The goal of the M.S. in Computer Science (Game Development) program is to graduate students with a core in computer science, an engineering-oriented game development core, and a concentration in one of the key research directions in game development infrastructure, cognition and games, immersion, and serious games.

_featured people

Tracy Fullerton
Tracy Fullerton, Associate Professor in the Interactive Media Division of the USC School of Cinematic Arts and Director of the USC Game Innovation Lab
Richard LeMarchand
Lead designer on the critical and commercial hit series of games Uncharted, from the Sony-owned developer Naughty Dog, Lemarchand has a long history in the commercial games industry.
Michael Zyda
Professor of Engineering Practice in the USC Department of Computer Science, Zyda is a is a pioneer in the fields of computer graphics, networked virtual environments, modeling and simulation, and serious and entertainment games.
Laird Malamed
Formerly Sr. Vice President and Head of Development at Activision-Blizzard, Malamed helped create the Call of Duty franchise. He teaches the SCA advanced games class and thesis class.